February 24, 2024

E-News: Hearings scheduled on initiatives next week; this week went to budgets

With Sen. Lynda Wilson of Vancouver in the Senate chamber. The supplemental operating budget passed today by the state Senate reflects some of my input, which I worked through her as Senate Republican budget leader and her counterparts on the majority side. Keep reading for details. Dear Neighbor, Greetings from...
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February 20, 2024

Senate transportation-budget proposal includes more SR 224/Red Mountain funding

OLYMPIA… The supplemental transportation budget made public by the state Senate this morning includes $2.2 million requested by Sen. Perry Dozier to keep improvements to State Route 224 in the Red Mountain vicinity from stalling again. Dozier, R-Waitsburg, said a $5 million appropriation he helped secure in the 2023-25 transportation...
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April 15, 2023

E-News: Tax alert! Property-tax hike proposed as session nears end

At the edge of the Senate chamber with Sen. Nikki Torres of Pasco, foreground, and Sen. Lynda Wilson of Vancouver. Dear Neighbor, Greetings from Olympia! As if there weren’t enough important decisions left for legislators to make, with just eight days remaining in our time at the Capitol, there is...
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February 18, 2022

Transportation proposal increases taxes, punishes drivers

Dear Friends and Neighbors, I want to update you on an emerging issue that legislators are currently addressing: the Senate Democrats’ Transportation Funding Plan (SB 5974).  In a very one-sided manner, the majority party put together a plan for the state of Washington with absolutely no respect or regard for...
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February 12, 2022

Legislative video: update on transportation, police reform and 2nd Amendment

Welcome to my video update! Today I want to share some breaking news regarding transportation, an update on police reform and information regarding a bill that looks to further erode your 2nd Amendment right!
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