Sen. Dozier’s first bill becomes law, allowing mortgage originators to work from home

OLYMPIA – Freshman Sen. Perry Dozier’s first bill was signed into law Wednesday afternoon by Gov. Jay Inslee, a measure allowing mortgage loan originators to work from home.

Inslee added his signature to Senate Bill 5077 at a bill-signing ceremony Wednesday. The measure is the first from Dozier to earn a place in the state’s lawbooks. Dozier, R-Waitsburg, was elected to the Senate last fall from southeast Washington’s 16th Legislative District, and this is his first legislative session.

“It’s great to see your first bill become law, and it’s even better when it happens with unanimous support,” Dozier said. “But the legislation itself is always the most important thing. This bill establishes work-from-home standards for a business that must comply with extensive record-keeping requirements, and it will provide greater flexibility for mortgage loan originators and their customers.”

State law currently requires mortgage loan originators to work from licensed office locations. But the state Department of Financial Institutions has allowed them to work from home over the past year under COVID emergency orders. The measure permits originators to work from home if they adhere to state security rules, keep all paper records at their branch offices, and their work is done via a secure office computer system.

The measure passed the Senate 49-0 on Feb. 3, and it passed the House 98-0 on March 24.