Property-tax bill is ‘dead,’ 16th District senator says it never should have been filed

OLYMPIA…Sen. Perry Dozier, R-Waitsburg, offered this comment after learning majority Democrats in the Senate are dropping their proposal to allow local governments to raise property taxes by up to 3% annually without a vote of the people.

Dozier was among the Senate Republicans and members of the public who opposed the proposal at a news conference Thursday; today the Democratic senator who is prime sponsor of Senate Bill 5770 told The Washington State Standard that the bill is now “dead” for this session. Thirteen of the Democrats on the Senate Ways and Means Committee had approved the bill Monday, and it was placed on the Senate voting calendar Wednesday.

“The housing shortage in our region and our state as a whole is challenging enough without allowing tax hikes that would hit not just property owners but also renters. Putting this bill down was the right move, although if the majority respected the will of the voters it never would have been introduced in the first place.


“I was pleased that none of the counties I serve in the 16th District came to me asking for this bill. They realize they can ask their voters to go above the 1% limit, and I appreciate that our area commissioners are living within the means provided by the taxpayers, even if it makes budgeting more challenging.”